The Team at All Area Realty Services works to maximize revenue growth along with expense control. This results both in property value and cash flow increases.

Property management is a people-oriented business and at All Area, we’re committed to our property owners, our tenants, and our employees alike. We maximize property value and increase net income by providing unsurpassed services to both our clients and residents.

As a full-service property management company we offer a wide variety of management contracts to suit each building’s needs. From 5 days a week onsite to weekly, biweekly, monthly and bi-monthly site visits, All Area will work with you to ensure your building is managed effectively and efficiently.

An optional onsite office can be setup if needed to perform the ideal level of communication between the building and its occupants.

For a property to function properly, it does not rely on just one person, but an entire management team.  Here at All Area Realty Services, our departments and divisions work together to make your co-operative or condominium succeed.

Here’s how we’ll ensure your building is managed to the highest standards:


The management team is a group of individuals from Senior Managers to Jr Assistants that has a director of management which supervises the entire team. A full time seasoned agent will be assigned to your property to help with the day-to-day operations of the property.

The assigned agent:

  • Will work with the board on day to day issues
  • Provides proposals to the board for any projects over a certain amount, which is set by the board
  • Reviews and approves all bills for payment with board approval
  • Keeps the board informed of all situations
  • Prepares the budget with the building’s accountant and All Area comptroller
  • Works on financial forecasting
  • Submits monthly reports
  • Maintains a 3 and 5 year plan on mechanical and structural equipment
  • Keeps up to date on all permits for boilers and elevators and ensures that these permits are submitted and maintained with NYC
  • Ensures all repairs are handled as quickly and efficiently as possible
  • Ensures all mechanical equipment is up and running correctly and efficiently
  • Ensures building or property is structurally maintained
  • Ensures the building occupants are conforming to the house rules or rules set by the co-operative or condominium
  • Manages staff, staff projects, cleanup schedules and staff scheduling
  • Maintains inventory lists for supplies etc.
  • Manages additional services and projects as needed

Accounting / Finance Department

The Accounting Dept. is divided into three groups. Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable and Statement Management. This entire team is managed by the Comptroller of the Finance Dept.

  1. Accounts Receivable is mostly done electronically via a Bank Lockbox or Online Payment System.       All Checks are processed directly at the bank. We can accept all forms of payment including credit cards for any property we manage. Accounts Receivable works closely with legal to make sure every owner is current on payments. Accounts Receivable and Legal make sure the buildings finances are up to date monthly with our Yardi Voyager software. Reporting, Warnings and Triggers are set to make sure nothing is missed and Building Legal council is always notified after 30 days.
  2. Accounts Payable is for all payables from Mortgages, Union dues to utilities. Our systems are integrated with Lockboxes, Online Payments, Payroll, Mortgages, Unions and more. These systems integrate to minimize clerical errors, speed up process and more importantly remove any fines or fees that can be incurred with slow processing. Slow processing can occur for many reasons from Buildings Finances to late approvals on payments or even lost snail mail.
  3. Statement Management Team handles the monthly owner statements. This Group makes sure the owners receive accurate statements on or around the 20th of each month. Paper and E-Mail statements are available for all owners. This team also works closely with the legal dept. to make sure all late charges or other charges are in place. Owner information is also handled here from alternate forms of contact, alternate mailing addresses / locations, pet information, alarm codes, parking information, vehicle registrations-information and other critical information.


  • The Compliance group handles all mission critical systems in a building. Boilers, Elevators, Water Towers, Coolers-Chillers, Sprinkler Systems, Fire Alarms etc. and building specific equipment.
  • All Area takes these systems serious and we are enrolled in numerous notification and management systems to make sure all buildings are compliant with all Local Law Codes (LL) which integrate with our systems for monitoring.
  • J51, LL11, LL84-87, PBS, Annual, Tri-Annual and 5 year tests along with documentation is all handled by compliance.
  • Reports are generated for the board on all systems of a property and compliance maintains test results, dates and reporting to NYC agencies. Monthly reports are available to all boards.
  • Violations from all agencies are also handled by compliance and paper work for court documents are all prepped by compliance for attorneys to use in court for fines or fees.
  • Compliance works closely with the assigned Portfolio Manager to effectively manage a property.


  •  The legal dept. handles property legal matters.   Contracts, Owner Arrears, Lawsuits such as slip and fall, union discrepancies and other Legal matter that building get involved can be assigned to our in-house counsel.
  • Every owner in every building is reviewed with our management software for arrears. 10 day, 30 day notices, legal actions are handled according to building policies or procedures.
  • Proposals, Contracts, Lawsuits are all reviewed solely or jointly with outside legal counsel as the board has authorized
  • The legal dept. reviews and approves all bills for payment to outside counsel with board approval and works closely with bookkeeping on the financial part of it.

Emergency Issues

  •  All Emergencies go through our emergency system which is operated 24/7 by a live person.
  • All daytime emergencies are handled during business hours and after hour emergencies are through our All Area Emergency Page (AAEP) group which has managers assigned to monitor.
  • All duplicate emergencies are responded by Tier 1 Management.
  • Property Managers are verified for all emergencies and emergencies are assessed for severity and handled as required by each property schedule.
  • The 24-7 emergency telephone number can be found in the building lobby, owner statements, building staff, All Area Website and Memos sent out to owners annually.

Emergency Management

The All Area Emergency Management team works on critical situations such are Fire, Water or flood damage, but also on Forensic Auditing, Financial Crisis Management, Staff Insubordination, Last minute loans, Violations, Vacate Orders and more.   The team is comprised of dept. heads and senior staff and can supply Board Officers with any reporting and solutions to asses and fix the situation. Typically mechanical emergencies such as fires or boiler failures are handled within a few hours but all situations are handled on a case by case situation.

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