Full Time Legal Department

Attorneys working with All Area will have a portal login to directly see live information of accounts in arrears. This minimizes the overhead of legal council and management while giving real time accurate data to the assigned attorney, saving you money on legal fees for your co-operative or condominium. 10 day notices to cure for all instances.

In addition, All Area provides the following services:

  • Strict procedures for arrears per buildings requirements
  • Letters about noise, house rule violations, illegal pets etc.
  • Strict follow up and communication with attorneys
  • Enforcement of renovations and procedures
  • Enforcement of noise rules and regulations
  • Enforcement of pet policies and procedures
  • Enforcement of move in / out procedures
  • Attorney portal access
  • Detailed arrears reporting (30, 60, 90 Days etc.)
  • Legal department can be contacted directly for questions about legal matters
  • Registrations, critical dates and tax protests are handled by the legal department
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